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Unexpected injuries, such as dog bites, can take a serious toll on your life. It only takes a moment for a seemingly friendly dog to cause major harm to someone. When a bite happens, you need to reach out to an Arnold dog bite lawyer at the Albers Injury Law team.

Arnold, MO, Injuries From Dog Bites

Dog bites are a serious concern in Arnold, MO because they can lead to significant injury and trauma. According to one survey, Missouri ranked 20th in the nation for the most dog bite incidents. With over 65 million U.S. households owning a dog, people may be more at risk of a dog bite injury than they realize.

There are laws in place that determine who may be held liable when a dog bites a person, but it can be tough to understand and enforce these laws to receive the compensation you deserve. That’s why you should have the support of a dog bite lawyer at Albers Injury Law.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Dog Bites in Arnold, MO?

Dogs have individual temperaments and attitudes, making them somewhat unpredictable. Often, there are a few common causes of dog bites in Arnold:

Lack of Training: Not all dogs have proper behavioral training or have been properly socialized. These animals may bite in unexpected situations.

Provocation: Dogs may also feel provoked in certain situations and respond by biting.

Neglect and Abuse: Dogs that are neglected or abused can become aggressive, leading to a greater risk of biting.

Territorial Behavior: Dogs are naturally territorial animals that may bite to protect their home or family from perceived threats. This behavior is more common in certain breeds.

Ultimately, any interaction with a dog has the potential to end with a bite, so it’s critical to approach every animal with caution and to know your rights in case of a bite.

Damages You Can Collect From Dog Bites in Arnold

If you suffer a dog bite in Arnold, MO, you could recoup damages after the incident. For the best chance to recover what you are entitled to, let the team at Albers Injury Law support you with an Arnold dog bite attorney who has the right expertise to navigate your situation.

Dog bite victims may be owed medical expenses related to their injury, including the costs of immediate medical care, surgeries, rehab, and ongoing treatments. Lost wages due to a dog bite can also be recovered as damages.
Other damages may include payment for pain and suffering, including emotional stress. Dog bites are often very unsettling events and the mental trauma can last long after the incident. In some cases, punitive damages meant to punish liable parties could also be awarded.

Factors That Affect the Value of Your Claim

In an individual dog bite case, there are several different circumstances that could influence the ultimate worth of your case. At Albers Injury Law, a well-versed team is prepared to examine every factor to get you everything you deserve. Common considerations include:

  • Severity and impact of injuries
  • Setting of the dog bite
  • Insurance coverage
  • Circumstances that led to the bite
  • Total losses suffered by the victim

A jury or mediator will look at each of these factors to determine the types of damages that may be due. It’s important to have careful documentation to support each facet of the investigation.

What Are the Typical Injuries Sustained in an Arnold, MO, Dog Bite?

While some dog bites may be minor, some can lead to very serious injuries. The more severe wounds can require years of treatment and physical therapy. Common injuries include puncture wounds that may require stitches and antibiotic treatment, bone fractures, nerve damage, and emotional scarring.

Dog bite victims may also be subjected to uncomfortable rabies treatments if the dog’s vaccination status is unknown or undocumented. All of these injuries can be even more serious and impactful if the dog bite victim is a child.

Steps to Take After an Arnold, MO, Dog Bite Injury

Experiencing a dog bite can be traumatic and confusing, but there are steps you can take to help yourself. Immediately after a dog bite, keep the following things in mind so you can take care of yourself and put yourself in a position for an Arnold dog bite lawyer to help you.

Seek Medical Attention: Even if the injury seems minor, it’s crucial to receive medical help. Dog bites can lead to infections, and a healthcare professional can provide the necessary treatment and documentation of your injuries.

Report the Incident: Contact local animal control or the police to report the dog bite. This creates an official record of the incident, which will later provide support for your claim.

Identify the Dog and Owner: Make sure to obtain the name and contact information of the owner and the dog if possible, noting when and where the bite happened. Authorities, such as police or animal control, may be able to assist with this.
Document the Incident: While filing a report with authorities, create your own record of your version of the incident. With the details fresh in your head, write down the date, time, location, circumstances, and the names of witnesses who may contribute to your case.

Take Photographs: If you are able, photograph your injuries, the scene of the attack, and any torn or bloodied clothing to be used as evidence later.

Consult a Lawyer: As soon as you are able to do so, contact an Arnold dog bite attorney for guidance on your legal rights and help navigating the claims process and securing fair compensation.

What Are the Dog Bite Liability Laws in Missouri?

Missouri follows a “strict liability” rule for dog bites, which holds dog owners accountable for injuries their dogs cause, regardless of whether the owner knew the dog was aggressive. This means that even if the dog has never had a biting incident or shown aggressive behavior, the owner is liable for the dog’s behavior. An owner does not have to be negligent to be responsible.
Missouri’s dog bite laws also apply in different locations. The dog’s owner is liable if the bite happened in a public place, such as a park or beach, or if the victim is bitten while they are lawfully located on private property. This includes scenarios where the victim is an invited guest or performing work duties on the property.

How Much is My Arnold, MO, Dog Bite Claim Worth?

The value of a dog bite claim in Arnold, MO, depends on the factors in each case.

Medical Expenses: Immediate treatment costs, ongoing care, and future medical needs related to the injury help determine the amount awarded. Detailed records and receipts are essential for calculating these damages.

Lost Wages: If the injury forces you to miss work, you can claim compensation for lost income, including both the wages lost during recovery and potential future earnings if the injury affects your ability to work long-term.

Pain and Suffering: Compensation for physical pain and emotional distress is subjective and varies based on the injury’s severity and its impact on your life.

Permanent Scarring or Disability: Severe bites that lead to permanent disfigurement or disability typically result in higher compensation due to the lasting impact on the victim’s life.

Impact on Quality of Life: If the injury affects your ability to enjoy hobbies, social activities, or daily routines, this can increase the claim’s value.

Hire Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in Arnold, MO, Near You

A dog bite is a potentially serious injury that deserves to be handled with the utmost care. By finding an Arnold dog bite lawyer who knows how to navigate your case, you can get a better outcome and enjoy the compensation you deserve. Call Albers Injury Law to talk about your situation today.


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