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Were you or a loved one injured because of someone’s negligent conduct? If so, it’s time to get serious about your legal rights. Let us focus on representing your best interests while you take the time needed to recover from your injuries. To get started or to learn more, reach out to Albers Injury Law, LLC today.

We understand the real suffering that victims and their families experience after personal injuries and accidents. That’s why our personal injury attorney in Granite City provides customized, professional, and dedicated legal representation that is client-focused and aimed at recovering the greatest levels of compensation. We recognize that every case is different, so we don’t treat you like another docket number.

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At Albers Injury Law, we fight to get you the results you deserve
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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

These can happen for various reasons, such as drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving, all of which point to negligence.

Auto Accidents
Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Victims of large truck accidents tend to suffer catastrophic injuries that justify substantial amounts of compensation from the at-fault party.

Truck Accidents
Dog Bite

Dog Bite

It only takes a moment for a seemingly friendly dog to cause major harm to someone. Reach out to an Arnold dog bite lawyer today

Dog Bite
Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycling in Missouri is a hobby that over 140,000 people share. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Arnold, contact us today!

Motorcycle Accidents
Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Considered loosely to be an extension of personal injury, wrongful death applies when a person dies because of the at-fault party’s negligent behavior.

Wrongful Death
Premises Liability

Premises Liability

If you or a loved one sustained an injury on property someone else owns, you may be entitled to compensation by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Premises Liability

Helping Illinois and Missouri Clients

Auto Accidents

These can happen for various reasons, such as drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving, all of which point to negligence.

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At Albers Injury Law, we embody the principles of hard work, dedication, and experience. Led by George Albers, who turned away from the corporate law world to champion the rights of individuals, our team is committed to tirelessly fighting for our clients. With a wealth of experience and a history of successful settlements and trial victories, we specialize in a variety of personal injury cases. Our firm’s ethos revolves around prioritizing our clients’ needs, ensuring they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Trust Albers Injury Law to advocate fiercely for you.

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If you are considering filing a personal injury claim due to a car accident, dog bite, or other covered situation, finding the right Arnold personal injury lawyer is essential. When you’re already overwhelmed by the circumstances, you need an attorney who can help you stay calm and feel assured through the process of filing a claim and understanding your options. At Albers Injury Law, we are esteemed attorneys who take pride in helping our clients navigate the legal waters of personal injury lawsuits.

Why You Need an Arnold Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons to hire an Arnold personal injury attorney to handle your case. Our attorneys have experience assessing many different types of claims. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or have another type of case, we have you covered. Hiring an attorney can help with a number of elements of a personal injury case.


Filing any personal injury claim can be tedious and complicated if you aren’t knowledgeable about these types of cases. A personal injury lawyer in Arnold has an in-depth understanding of the required paperwork and documentation you’ll need to take your case to court or mediation and can help you complete everything according to the law and within specified deadlines.

Unique ways to solve your problems

Going to court doesn’t necessarily need to happen. Our attorneys can help you examine your options to determine the approach that best meets your needs. Many of our clients turn to mediation instead of going before a judge. Mediation occurs when you and your attorney meet with the defendant, their attorney, and a neutral person to help with the process. You might prefer mediation if you don’t want a lengthy trial, hope to save money, or want the case to remain confidential.

Communication with insurance companies

If your personal injury case involves a car accident, you will likely encounter insurance adjusters who try to pay you the lowest amount possible in a settlement. Our attorneys are adept at identifying these situations and helping you attain fair compensation.

Thinking clearly

Your personal injury case likely started because of a harrowing experience, which can often cloud your judgment and make it hard to determine the best action. Our compassionate professionals can help you remain calm, examine the facts, and determine the best solution for you.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Arnold, MO

People file personal injury claims for many reasons.

Motor vehicle accidents

Accidents on the road are among the most common reasons people need an Arnold personal injury lawyer. These accidents fall into several subcategories:

  • Auto accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Rideshare accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Product liability

Product liability claims are common and lead to unique cases. Product liability occurs if you or a loved one is injured or killed due to a faulty consumer product. These claims require proof of a design or manufacturing defect or proof of inadequate warnings about the dangers associated with a product.

Premises liability

If you are injured on a business property or someone’s residential property, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Most of these cases are slip-and-fall accidents filed against businesses.

Medical malpractice

If a healthcare provider injured you while you were a patient, you may be entitled to compensation. Common medical malpractice cases include surgical errors, failure to diagnose dangerous conditions, misdiagnosis, or improper prescriptions. These cases are more scientifically complex, often require expert medical witnesses, and almost always require the presence of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Animal attacks

Animal attacks, especially dog bites, commonly cross the desks of personal injury lawyers. Unlike some states, which have a “one-bite” rule for dogs, Missouri dog owners are liable for their dog’s bite injuries or property damage from the first occurrence.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

In Missouri, three types of damages are available in personal injury cases: economic, non-economic, and punitive.

Economic damages

Economic damages, also called special damages, refer to the expenses you pay out-of-pocket due to your accident or injury. Special damages fall into several categories:

Medical bills: Medical bills covered in a personal injury claim include hospitals, rehabilitation, emergency room and ambulance fees, therapies, medical supplies, medications, mobility devices, and any long-term care costs.

Out-of-pocket expenses: Some claims pay for out-of-pocket expenses, such as maintaining your household and property if you can no longer do it yourself, travel expenses to and from medical appointments, and daily living assistance.

Loss of income: If your injury caused you to miss work, you can receive compensation for lost wages, including overtime, benefits, commissions, and bonuses. If you are unable to work in the future, you may receive compensation for future lost wages.

Non-economic damages

Often called general damages, non-economic damages include pain and suffering, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or other ailments related to your accident. While pain and suffering are the most common non-economic damages, you may also receive payment for loss of use and enjoyment, permanent impairment and disability, or loss of consortium, which includes love and affection, sexual relationships, companionship, and the ability to have children.

Punitive damages

Punitive damage is money paid to you to punish the person or company responsible for your injury or accident for intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence. It isn’t often awarded, as the defendant’s conduct must meet certain requirements.

Overall, your personal injury case could award you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than a million, depending on its complexity.

Personal Injury Laws in Arnold, MO

Understanding some of Missouri’s personal injury laws may help you understand your case better and learn why you will benefit from an Arnold personal injury lawyer.

Statute of limitations

The statute of limitations is how long you have after your injury or your loved one’s wrongful death to file a claim. In most cases, you must file your personal injury claim within five years of your injury. This pertains to auto accidents, product liability, premises liability, and dog bites. There are different statutes of limitations for other personal injury cases.

If your case falls under medical malpractice, you typically have two years from the date of the malpractice to file your personal injury claim. However, you may have a special case if the medical malpractice is an unreported test result or a misplaced foreign object or involves a minor patient.

If your injury occurred because of somebody’s intentional actions, known as an intentional tort, you have up to two years to file your personal injury claim. This includes situations like assault, battery, false imprisonment, defamation, or malicious prosecution.

Comparative negligence laws

If your injury results from someone else’s intentional or negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation under Missouri’s comparative negligence laws. Missouri is one of 12 states that use a pure comparative negligence system. Suppose you successfully prove that someone else caused you harm. In that case, the state uses a comparative fault percentage system to determine how much loss occurred and what percentage was your fault as compared to the other person’s fault percentage. This is common in car accident cases. For example, if you were found to be 40% at fault in an accident, you would cover 40% of the other driver’s damages. However, this means they’re 60% at fault and are covering that percentage of your damages. Since Missouri uses a pure comparative negligence system, you can even file a claim if you are 99% at fault.

Wrongful death laws

There are specific rules regarding who can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased loved one. The first people with the right to file the claim include the victim’s living spouse, parents, children or, if the children are deceased, the living grandchildren. If nobody falls into the first category, then a sibling or the sibling’s descendants may file a claim. Wrongful death claims typically pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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If you were injured in an auto accident, on someone’s property, or in one of a variety of other situations, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, or a range of other situations. The compassionate and professional attorneys at Albers Injury Law are ready to be your Arnold personal injury lawyer. Contact us today to learn about your options.

Personal Injury FAQs

Should I consult an attorney after a motor vehicle accident?

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, it is a good idea to consult our personal injury attorneys to determine if you have a personal injury case.

How soon should I hire a personal injury attorney after my accident?

Contact our attorneys as soon as possible after your accident. We can guide you through the claim process and help you secure compensation quicker.

Should I turn over medical records in my personal injury case?

Filing a personal injury claim requires you to turn over medical records that directly relate to your injury and any previous records that involved the same part of the body. You do not need to turn over unrelated medical records.

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Everyone has the right to live and pursue their interests without the fear that someone’s negligent or intentional conduct will cause them harm. When this happens and the victim suffers damages, that person has the right to seek monetary compensation from the at-fault party.

Winning damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be an uphill battle, as the victim bears the burden of proof and is almost guaranteed to face pushback from the attorneys and insurance companies representing the defendant.

Retaining a personal injury lawyer in Granite City is essential to make your strongest case for the maximum amount of damages. Our firm represents a wide variety of personal injury victims from all walks of life.

What sort of damages might be available?

Although every personal injury case is different, most victims can seek compensation for medical bills, lost work earnings, pain and suffering (and other similar losses), and property damage. You can also ask for reasonably estimated future damages and, in some cases, punitive damages.

Is there a time limit to file a lawsuit?

Most Illinois personal injury claims are generally subject to a two-year statute of limitations or deadline (which can be extended in some cases). If you file after the applicable statute of limitations expires, your case will be dismissed and you won’t recover anything.

How will my lawyer determine the value of my case?

The value of your case depends on numerous factors, such as the extent of your injuries, number of at-fault parties, the effect of your injuries on your ability to work, and other elements. Expert witnesses, such as medical and vocational experts, can offer valuable testimony concerning your damages.

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