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Losing a loved one is never easy, but when someone else’s negligence causes their death, the pain can be compounded by a sense of injustice. If you suspect your loved one’s death may be a wrongful death case, contact Albers Injury Law, LLC. As wrongful death lawyers in Arnold, MO, we understand the overwhelming emotions you’re facing and are here to help you navigate the legal path toward justice and compensation.

Exploring Wrongful Death Scenarios

A wrongful death can occur in many situations, including the following:

  • Car accidents: Caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, or poorly maintained vehicles
  • Medical malpractice: When a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional makes a critical error that leads to death
  • Workplace accidents: Due to unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment, or employer negligence
  • Nursing home neglect: If a loved one dies due to inadequate care or neglect in a nursing home facility
  • Product liability: When a defective product leads to a fatal accident

If you believe any of these scenarios may be relevant to your loved one’s passing, seeking legal guidance from a wrongful death lawyer in Arnold, MO, is crucial. Taking this first step demonstrates your commitment to holding those responsible accountable and securing the compensation your family deserves during this difficult time.

Seeking Justice With a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Arnold, MO

In Missouri, the right to sue for wrongful death is granted to specific individuals:

  • Spouses, children, or parents of the deceased
  • Siblings of the deceased or their descendants (e.g. niece or nephew)
  • Court-appointed “plaintiff ad litem” requested by anyone entitled to share in the proceeds of a wrongful death claim

Your Arnold wrongful death lawyer can help determine if you qualify to pursue a case. Wrongful death law in Missouri is a specific area of legal knowledge that calls for experience. It’s important to hire an attorney who is up to date on relevant statutes and case law to fight for the full recovery you deserve.

Understanding Wrongful Death Damages and Liability

After losing a loved one, the financial burden can add stress during an already difficult time. A successful wrongful death lawsuit aims to recover damages that compensate for the losses your family has suffered. Understanding damages and liability is crucial when exploring your legal options.

Exploring recoverable damages

Wrongful death lawsuits can compensate for losses caused by the defendant’s wrongful conduct. In Missouri, Recoverable damages include:

  • Medical expenses: Costs associated with your loved one’s final medical care
  • Lost income: Wages your loved one would have earned had they survived
  • Loss of companionship (or loss of consortium): Compensation for the emotional and social loss of your loved one, usually a spouse or partner
  • Funeral and burial expenses: Reimbursement for laying your loved one to rest
  • Pain and suffering: Covers physical, mental, and emotional trauma on behalf of the deceased

Surviving spouses and children can also seek compensation for the loved one’s lost future wages.

Understanding liability

Liability describes who is legally responsible for your loved one’s death. Your Arnold wrongful death attorney investigates the circumstances surrounding the death to determine fault. This involves analyzing accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and other pertinent information.

While wrongful death lawsuits have resulted in justice for many families in Missouri, navigating the complexities of wrongful death law can be overwhelming. Getting the greatest compensation for death due to negligence means working with attorneys who thoroughly understand the law and can compellingly present your case. Our team of skilled wrongful death attorneys in Arnold guides you through every step of the process, protecting your rights and securing compensation for the loss you’ve experienced.

Examining Survival Actions and Options After Loss

Wrongful death claims address the losses suffered by surviving family members while survival actions focus on the losses of the deceased. These lawsuits, handled by a skilled wrongful death lawyer in Arnold, MO, are crucial when a person sustains serious injuries before passing away. Let’s explore the key differences between wrongful death claims and survival actions.

Who benefits?

Wrongful death claims: Compensate surviving spouses, children, parents, and other loved ones as per state law
Survival actions: Benefit the deceased’s estate, ultimately distributed to beneficiaries as specified in the will

Damages recovered

  • Wrongful death claims: Emotional loss, lost companionship, potential future earnings
  • Survival actions: Pain and suffering endured by the deceased before passing and medical bills incurred during that time

When survival actions are applicable

If your loved one was involved in a car accident and survived initially but ultimately succumbed to the severity of their injuries, you could pursue a survival action to recover compensation for their pain and suffering and any medical bills they incurred before passing. Our team of wrongful death attorneys can determine whether you have a wrongful death claim or a survival action case. Either way, we commit to fighting for the justice you and your family deserve.

Knowing Your Timeframe To File

We understand that it takes time to process the death of a loved one. Taking legal action may not be at the forefront of your thoughts at this time; however, Missouri has a three-year statute of limitations for filing wrongful death claims. Missing this deadline can prevent you from pursuing and receiving compensation in court.

As your wrongful death attorney in Arnold, MO, we are familiar with these deadlines and work tirelessly to ensure everything is filed on time. We understand the workings of the court system in the Show Me State and make sure we act within the allotted timeframe. We handle all the legalities while you deal with the loss of your loved one.

Finding a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Arnold, MO

The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal and painful experience. If their death resulted from someone else’s negligence, you deserve justice and compensation for your loss. While no amount of money can replace your loved one, a successful wrongful death claim can help alleviate some of the financial burdens caused by your loss.

Facing this challenge alone is not necessary. An experienced wrongful death lawyer in Arnold, MO, is a powerful advocate during this difficult time. Here’s what you should look for in an attorney:

  • Understanding and empathy: You’re experiencing a season of loss and legal jargon isn’t helpful. Your attorney should listen attentively and explain things clearly, concisely, and compassionately.
  • Proven track record: Experience is critical. Your attorney should have a history of success in handling wrongful death cases in Missouri.
  • Resourcefulness: Wrongful death claims are often complex. Your legal counsel should have the resources and tenacity to investigate your case thoroughly and build a strong argument.
  • Communication: Regular updates and clear communication are critical. You want an attorney who keeps you informed throughout the process and addresses your questions and concerns promptly.

We understand how daunting taking legal action may seem, but you’re not alone. The right wrongful death attorney in Arnold, MO, is here to fight for you during this difficult time.

Seeking Justice for Your Loved One

Albers Injury Law is ready to help you seek justice. There’s a limited window to file a wrongful death claim in Missouri, so schedule a free consultation with our legal team today. This confidential discussion teaches you more about your legal options and allows us to explore the path forward for healing and financial security through recoverable damages.


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