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When your loved one enters the care of a nursing home facility, you expect them to receive optimal care. If you determine that your family member suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of the care facility, you may feel betrayed.

While discovering abuse or neglect can feel overwhelming, an Arnold nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help your loved one receive compensation for any injuries.

The Ins and Outs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

In the U.S., approximately five million older adults face abuse every year. Unfortunately, patients sometimes suffer abuse and neglect in silence; they may feel ashamed or afraid of what may happen if they report their caregivers.

Since residents are less likely to speak out against their caregivers, you may need to practice due diligence and report suspected abuse.

Warning signs of nursing home abuse

When you visit your loved ones in a care facility, look for any sudden behavioral changes. They may become more withdrawn or nervous. You might also notice avoidance behavior, particularly regarding their interactions with nursing home staff.

Look for any new bruises or broken bones and injuries that require hospitalization. While residents may encounter injuries from trips and falls, you should always look for patterns and ensure that an accident is what the home claims it to be.

Another sign is heavy sedation. Caregivers may keep victims of elder abuse under sedation to keep them quiet and compliant.

Types of nursing home abuse and neglect

Older adults living in nursing homes are vulnerable, and those who work in the facility have an imbalanced power dynamic over the people they care for. Working with an Arnold nursing home abuse attorney can help you identify and hold staff members accountable for their actions.

Emotional abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse includes any intentional act that causes pain, fear, or distress in patients.

Emotional abuse can occur through nonverbal or verbal actions, including verbal assault, threats, humiliation, name-calling, harassment, and intimidation.

Some examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Shouting at residents
  • Threatening physical violence or sedation if a patient does not comply with orders
  • Mocking the resident’s abilities or insulting the resident if they cannot perform a task

Mental abuse can also include isolating a resident from activities or refusing to let them see visitors. Additionally, moving a resident’s mobility aids out of reach so they cannot move is a form of psychological abuse.


In a nursing home, the residents rely on staff for care. Patients may depend on the staff to help them use the restroom, eat, or use a wheelchair. Abandonment can occur intentionally or unintentionally. For example, an overstaffed facility may have its caregivers spread too thin and caregivers may not have time to give each patient enough time. In other scenarios, staff may willfully ignore a resident.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is one of the more common forms of elder abuse. Physical abuse includes any time a staff member causes harm or pain to a resident. For example, if a member of staff slaps or shoves a resident to punish them, this is abuse. Likewise, using physical force to restrain a patient for punishment rather than for the health and safety of the patient is a form of abuse.


Neglect occurs when nursing home staff members don’t treat patients according to the standard of care. Many residents require help with grooming and bathing. Often, residents who undergo neglect will look unkempt or dirty. They may have unbrushed hair or wear the same clothes for every visit.

The Devastating Impact of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse can trigger mental illness or increase the severity and progression of dementia. Patients who have dementia require limited stress to live healthily and slow the disease’s progression. Neglect and abuse can wreak havoc on a person’s emotions, resulting in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Physical injuries and other conditions often occur due to abuse and neglect. Abandoned patients may suffer chronic UTIs or pressure sores. Others may have debilitating injuries that make it difficult for them to walk or care for themselves. Your loved one may suddenly need a walker or wheelchair when they do not typically rely heavily on it.

Additionally, you may see their appearance deteriorate. Residents may look like they have lost weight or have unexplained bruising.

Ways To Handle Nursing Home Abuse Involving Your Loved Ones

When you fear nursing home neglect, talk to your loved one. Keep the conversation gentle and do not pressure them for answers.

Reporting nursing home neglect

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, you should take immediate action to protect your loved one. The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services allows concerned individuals to report online.

Following the report, the Division of Regulation and Licensure staff will investigate the facility. Typically, the department initiates investigations within 24 hours of the complaint.

Seeking legal help for elder abuse

A nursing home abuse lawyer in Arnold can help if you suspect wrongdoing. When you visit one of our attorneys, bring all evidence of the abuse. Our lawyers can examine the details to determine if you have a case. Evidence to gather includes:

  • Photos of injuries
  • Videos of fearful behavior
  • Pictures of the nursing home environment
  • Medical records
  • Statements from witnesses

Our attorneys can interview witnesses and speak to anyone who might be able to offer insight into the nursing home’s practices.

In addition to collecting evidence, we outline the demand letter, which includes the abuse that occurred, damages suffered, and a settlement negotiation. While most claims settle without going to court, our attorneys are ready to go to court if necessary and can file a lawsuit against the nursing home or abuser.

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At Albers Injury Law, we have been helping people collect compensation for over 25 years. If you believe your loved one endured abuse while admitted to a nursing home facility, we can help. Contact us today to talk to an Arnold nursing home abuse lawyer.


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