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Granite City, Illinois, is a thriving place filled with history and tradition that offers residents opportunities for work, play, and personal growth. However, when you experience a slip and fall accident in the city that causes serious injuries and leaves you unable to work, you may not know where to turn. At Albers Injury Law, we can provide you with a Granite City slip and fall accident lawyer who can answer your questions and build a solid personal injury case to make you whole again.

What Types of Injuries Can Occur in a Slip and Fall Accident?

While no two Granite City slip and fall accidents are the same, they cause common injuries that may disable you for months or cause permanent disabilities.
Broken bones

In a slip and fall, you may fall with enough force to break a bone. This includes the possibility of a skull fracture if you fall backward. Falling on your side can cause a hip fracture, which is a common injury in older people who fall. Falling forward may result in a wrist fracture if you try to brace yourself for the impact.

Traumatic brain injury

When you strike your head during a slip and fall accident, your brain may strike the inside of your skull, causing a serious concussion or a brain bleed. Symptoms of such an injury may not show themselves immediately and can cause blurred vision, speech impairment, and dizziness.

Spinal cord injury

If you fall and land on your back, the impact with a hard surface can cause a significant spinal injury. Damage may occur to the discs in your vertebrae or even a fracture.

Torn ligaments

During a fall, your body may twist suddenly, causing your knees or elbows to hyperextend, resulting in torn ligaments, rotator cuff damage, or a torn ACL. These injuries can cause lingering pain and discomfort for weeks.

A Granite City slip and fall lawyer from our office will review your injuries and hold negligent parties responsible.

Common Slip and Fall Accident Causes in Granite City

Slip and fall accidents in Granite City may occur due to other people’s carelessness. While your case is unique, circumstances often have similar factors.

Icy or snow-covered sidewalks

Granite City sees plenty of precipitation in the winter and chilly temperatures that dip well below freezing. Walkways and sidewalks may become slippery and difficult to traverse unless businesses or homeowners remove snow and set down salt to make these areas safer for pedestrians.

Wet floors

Spring rain, summer thunderstorms, and sleet in winter can lead to wet floors from foot traffic, especially in businesses that feature tile or finished cement flooring. Slip and fall accidents happen when floors remain wet or employees fail to post signs that alert customers to a possible safety hazard.

Loose rugs and bunched mats

Individuals may try to prevent slips on wet floors by using rubber-backed mats or carpet runners. However, these can also contribute to people tripping when the material does not lie flat or the backing is not sufficient to keep the carpet or mat in place.

Weak or broken stairs

Tripping on a broken step or falling down a staircase that needs repair can cause major injuries. Owners of homes and businesses must keep stairs in good working order to fulfill their duty of care to you.

After a slip and fall, you may find yourself with serious injuries. Bringing your case to a Southern Illinois slip and fall lawyer from our office can provide you with peace of mind and help you understand your legal options.

Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

After a slip and fall accident leaves you with injuries, documenting the aftermath can strengthen a future personal injury case. If the injury limited your mobility, recruit friends and family to help you gather important information.

Visit a physician

One of the most important actions after a slip and fall injury is to see a physician and address any pain or symptoms. Ask your doctor to provide documentation describing your injuries and any limitations that occurred because of them.

Photograph the scene

Photographs of the area or of an item that caused your accident, such as a wet floor with no surrounding warning signage, allow our attorneys to build a solid personal injury case. Try to capture this evidence on the same day of the accident, if possible.

Gather witness accounts

Individuals who can testify in court as to how your slip and fall accident happened may provide plenty of proof that negligence occurred. In some cases, written testimonials can help you prove your case.

Bring us your case

Once you gather evidence, a Granite City slip and fall lawyer from our office can review the information and build a case based on witness accounts and documented losses. We can also communicate with the other party’s insurance company and negotiate any offered settlements.

How Do You Meet the Burden of Proof in a Court Case?

Once your slip and fall accident case goes to court, you must meet the burden of proof that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. Our attorneys will use a variety of evidence that meets the burden, including:

  • Photos and videos of the accident scene
  • Proof of your injuries via physician reports
  • Witness accounts
  • Police reports

Providing evidence of wrongdoing is the cornerstone of any slip and fall accident case, so the more you can present, the stronger your case.

What Are Some Advantages of Hiring a Granite City Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

After this type of accident, your life in Granite City may change drastically. The pain or injuries you experienced could prevent you from working, paying your medical bills, or providing for your family. When you bring your case to our attorneys, our attorneys can provide you with complete representation, from handling aggressive insurance representatives to investigating the scene of the accident. Why take on the additional stress of filing a personal claim on your own when we will step up and fight for you? Put our experienced attorneys in your corner.

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Did a slip and fall accident in Granite City change your life and lead to significant medical costs? Contact a Granite City slip and fall accident lawyer at Albers Injury Law today and let us fight for the compensation you deserve.


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