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Everyone has the right to live and pursue their interests without the fear that someone’s negligent or intentional conduct will cause them harm. When this happens and the victim suffers damages, that person has the right to seek monetary compensation from the at-fault party. Winning damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be an uphill battle, as the victim bears the burden of proof and is almost guaranteed to face pushback from the attorneys and insurance companies representing the defendant.

Count on Attorney George H. Albers and Albers Injury Law, LLC. We represent Granite City personal injury victims by seeking the maximum settlement or jury award to cover their losses.

Different Types of Personal Injury Cases in Granite City, Illinois

Personal injury is a broad practice area that covers a number of negligent, irresponsible, and intentional acts and omissions that harm others. Our firm represents clients who have experienced the following personal injury situations, among others:

Car Accidents: These can happen for various reasons, such as drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving, all of which point to negligence.

Truck Accidents: Victims of large truck accidents tend to suffer catastrophic injuries that justify substantial amounts of compensation from the at-fault party.

Motorcycle Accidents: Attorneys and insurers representing the automobile driver often try to blame the motorcyclist, so experienced legal counsel is essential for protecting the victim’s rights.

Slip and Falls: A slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere and leave the victim with injuries, such as spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Premises Liability: This area of law covers any sort of hazardous property condition that the owner either knew or reasonably should have known about but failed to correct.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: There are various signs that a loved one may be subject to abuse or neglect in a nursing facility, and we seek compensation for their injuries.

Dog Bites: Potentially serious injuries, dog bites can be life-threatening for the elderly, disabled, and children.

Negligent Security: Hotels, motels, restaurants, and other establishments have a duty to keep their guests reasonably safe from criminal activity and can be held liable for failing to do so.

Product Liability: If you’ve been injured because of a poorly designed or manufactured consumer product, you could have a legal claim.

Medical Malpractice: When healthcare providers fail to meet the applicable standard of professional care, the injured patient can file a malpractice lawsuit.

Wrongful Death: Considered loosely to be an extension of personal injury, wrongful death applies when a person dies because of the at-fault party’s negligent behavior.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Retaining a personal injury lawyer in Granite City is essential to make your strongest case for the maximum amount of damages. More specifically, your attorney can provide the following services:

Understanding and applying the law: Perhaps the most obvious reason to hire an attorney is to have someone who knows the law. That includes statutes, the court decisions that interpret them, and various rules that concern civil procedure, discovery, and evidence.

Investigating the personal injury: Your lawyer should conduct an independent investigation to uncover evidence related to the injury. Obtaining copies of police and medical records, talking to witnesses, and reviewing photographs and video footage are examples.

Identifying the at-fault parties: The investigation may reveal that other parties were also responsible for the personal injury. For example, if a drunk driver caused a car accident and a bar served him or her too much alcohol before the wreck, that establishment may be liable.

Negotiating with the insurance companies: Most personal injury cases are resolved out of court in discussions with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Your Granite City personal injury lawyer should understand how to effectively negotiate with insurers.

Representing you in mediation: Personal injury matters can be settled in mediation, and you can (and should) have an attorney present. Your lawyer can help you weigh settlement offers versus the risk of going to trial.

Litigating your case, if necessary: Our attorney is an experienced litigator who knows what it takes to prevail in court. We often rely upon expert witness testimony (for example, from accident reconstructionists) to bolster our clients’ cases

Providing Aid and Advocacy After Your Injury

Examples of our satisfied clients include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims hurt by negligent drivers, irresponsible automobile manufacturers, and others
  • Construction, rail, and river workers injured on dangerous work sites because of OSHA Our firm represents a wide variety of personal injury victims from all walks of life. violations, defective equipment, and more
  • Industrial workers exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals
  • Victims of physical assault due to negligent security or other reasons
  • Family members who lost loved ones due to the actions of negligent, at-fault parties

Compassionate Legal Help For Injuries & Accidents

We understand the real suffering that victims and their families experience after personal injuries and accidents. That’s why our personal injury attorney in Granite City provides customized, professional, and dedicated legal representation that is client-focused and aimed at recovering the greatest levels of compensation. We recognize that every case is different, so we don’t treat you like another docket number.

If possible, we will settle your case out of court, but we will never pressure you to accept an unfair settlement offer. We will review the insurance company’s proposal and negotiate via counter-offers, mediation, and discussions among the attorneys. If the insurer decides to work with us in good faith, the case may be settled, avoiding the time and headache of a trial. But we aren’t afraid to take your case before a jury if needed. We will thoroughly review your legal options and keep you informed each step of the way.

Call the Granite City Personal Injury Lawyers at Albers Injury Law, LLC Today

Were you or a loved one injured because of someone’s negligent conduct? If so, it’s time to get serious about your legal rights. Let us focus on representing your best interests while you take the time needed to recover from your injuries. To get started or to learn more, reach out to Albers Injury Law, LLC today.

Granite City Personal Injury FAQs

What damages might be available?

Although every personal injury case is different, most victims can seek compensation for medical bills, lost work earnings, pain and suffering (and other similar losses), and property damage. You can also ask for reasonably estimated future damages and, in some cases, punitive damages.

Is there a time limit to file a lawsuit?

Most Illinois personal injury claims are generally subject to a two-year statute of limitations or deadline (which can be extended in some cases). If you file after the applicable statute of limitations expires, your case will be dismissed and you won’t recover anything.

How will my lawyer determine the value of my case?

The value of your case depends on numerous factors, such as the extent of your injuries, number of at-fault parties, the effect of your injuries on your ability to work, and other elements. Expert witnesses, such as medical and vocational experts, can offer valuable testimony concerning your damages.


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